Training & Equipment

ChimneyScan is a training course designed to provide home inspectors the knowledge they need to offer their clients upgraded chimney inspections with an internal video chimney camera.

Home inspectors often perform home inspections where there is a fireplace or other appliances that require a chimney or venting system. Taking a step above the minimum standard of care and offering ChimneyScan as an add-on service can be a source of additional fees to your inspection. But without the training or skills to take your standard inspection to a higher level, you may be missing out. Isn’t it time that you captured this market?

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Code & Standards
  • Equipment selection
  • Procedure for a video scan
  • Report Writing
  • Examples
  • Advanced education opportunities
  • Marketing the service
  • Disclaimers
  • Closing

Take your standard home inspection services to the next level by offering ChimneyScan upgraded chimney inspections.​


Technical Director

A leading expert in the chimney, fireplace, and venting industries, Jerry Isenhour brings his vast experience as a trainer and educator to the ChimneyScan training course. He is a recognized expert in the thermal dynamics of the venting system, and likely the most authoritative source in the science of chimney failure. He has authored numerous articles for trade publications and has produced several in-depth chimney and venting training programs. Serving as President of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, his industry leadership has spanned over six years. As educator, coach, and mentor, Jerry shares his comprehensive knowledge and training tools for your success.​

About the Equipment

Your internal flue inspection requires a specialized chimney camera. United Infrared is proud to offer Wohler inspection systems. Wohler is the leading manufacturer of visual inspection camera systems and features cutting-edge technology like pan-and-tilt camera heads, video-recording capability, and digital-distance measurement with locators.

ChimneyScan training is included with your chimney camera purchase!


Wohler VIS 400

Visual Inspection Modular System

The most versatile Wohler camera system. Depending on your application, you can build your own tailored video inspection system by pairing different camera heads, push rods or soft cables. Features such as video recording, voice over commentary and still images. Distance measuring, home function, level indicator and built-in sonde. ChimneyScan training included.


Wohler VIS 700

HD-Video Inspection System

The Wohler VIS 700 offers exactly what professionals have been waiting for: razor sharp high definition images, a focus function for precise inspection, and wireless locating with variable frequency. The Wohler VIS 700 is the ideal inspection camera for wate water pipes, flue gas and ventilation lines as well as NDT and plumbing applications. ChimneyScan training included.


Wohler VIS 350+

Conversion Kit

Everything you need to convert your existing Wohler VIS350+ into a bottom-up chimney inspection camera. A set of six accessories attached your VIS350+ allows you to be able to conduct a visual inspection from the fireplace up to the flue. Wohler VIS350+ not included. ChimneyScan training available at half-price.









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