United Infrared, Inc. (UI) is the largest training and marketing network of certified thermographers in the world. UI is a full-service infrared training organization whose instructors are experts in various applications of infrared thermography (IRt).

UI offers a training program developed for home inspectors interested in adding thermal imaging to their existing business or developing a career in advanced thermography.

Online and Live Class Options

The HomeInspectIR™ training course is offered both online and in a live-class format.

The $195 4-hour online course is hosted via our online learning platform. Students have 60 days of unlimited access. Upon successful completion of the final exam, students will receive a certificate of completion and a free listing as a UI-Certified.

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The HomeInspectIR™ live class is offered to private home inspector groups of 10 or more. Live students also have access to the online course. The group shall determine the location of the class.

The live class includes an interactive instructor experience and a hands-on component. Students will be required to show competence by passing a final exam (online) and passing various hands-on exercises before being awarded a certificate of completion and listed on the website as a UI-Certified HomeInspectIR™.

If you would like to participate in one of UI’s events or are interested in having a UI instructor teach at your association’s conference or meeting, please contact Peter Hopkins, at 760-593-2339 or email peter@unitedinfrared.com.

Mobile Training Center

Our 35-foot trailer features interactive infrared displays. Often seen at trade shows and training conferences, the UI Mobile Training is available as a location for a group class. Contact UI for its current location and find out if it would be available for your live group event.

Why UI

United Infrared is the largest infrared servicing network in the world. UI’s teaching staff is committed to high-quality training and consists of seasoned professionals in each area of infrared thermography—some with over 25 years of thermography experience. UI training provides an unbiased, well-prepared, customized learning experience.

If you decide to invest in advanced infrared training or the purchase of an infrared camera, UI offers a risk-free opportunity. You may apply a portion of, or—in some cases—the complete class fee toward the purchase of advanced training or selected products. Contact our office for more information.

Why now & Why Home Inspectors?

Home inspection businesses can be adversely affected by downturns in the economy, recessions, and fluctuating interest rates. However, expanding your services, such as with infrared inspections, can help you weather the ups and downs of the economy. By offering thermal imaging, you’ll be able to increase your revenue with each home inspection.

Most home inspectors already have an advanced understanding of building construction, and infrared thermography is mostly about buildings. Therefore, home inspectors are the perfect candidates for becoming infrared thermographers of buildings. Infrared inspections are a valuable and lucrative add-on service for any home inspection business.

UI’s Vice-President and The HomeInspectIR™ Chief Instructor, Peter Hopkins is a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer and has been a home inspector since 1996, having personally performed over 7000 property inspections. This true understanding of the mindset and experience of a home inspector allows him to relate to their business. “Home Inspectors are the perfect candidate for thermography because they already understand construction. However there are restraints of the profession which limit what they actually say or could say on an inspection. Having a thermal imager allows Home Inspectors to communicate with assurance, knowing where the problem is rather than guessing. Infrared will allow them to capture additional revenue.” states Mr. Hopkins.

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