Infrared Training for Home Inspectors

TheHomeInspectIR training course is for Home Inspectors who want to learn how to use an infrared camera for Energy, HVAC, Moisture and Electric.

Peter Hopkins will be in Las Vegas for the Casey O’Malley (COA) Inspection Conference from 8 to 12 October 2012. On the 8th, he will teach a 4‐hour course that includes classroom and hands‐on training with a limited number of demo cameras available for those that do not have equipment.

According to the Inspection Conference website: The class is broken down into an introduction and four application segments. The students hear about the use of IR for that application, and then use the cameras to look at test set‐ups for each application.

United Infrared, Inc. (UI) is the largest network of certified thermographers in the world and a fullservice infrared training organization, with experts in many applications of infrared thermography (IRt). UI is now offering a training program catering to home inspectors who are interested in adding infrared thermography to their existing business or developing a career in this emerging new field. They will be offering our 4‐hour course at the COA Las Vegas event October, 2012 with focus on the large residential market. United Infrared’s training programs are highly respected so you can be assured your group will receive high quality training from a well‐known and respected firm. We have always emphasized hands‐on training and these classes will be no different. The
students will be required to show competence by passing a final exam and passing various handson exercises, before being awarded a Certification of Completion. Knowing how to operate the imager, taking good imagery, understanding how to read the imagery and making a report will be covered in these courses.

We have credibility in the infrared world. United Infrared is currently the largest infrared servicing network in the world. UI’s technical teaching staff is committed to high quality training and is made up of seasoned professionals in each area of infrared thermography, some being practicing thermographers for over 25 years. The opportunities with thermal imaging are endless. You can utilize our training to give your members an unbiased, well-prepared, customized learning experience that will cut the learning curve to infrared thermography. United Infrared is a complete solutions-based business and until now we have focused on infrared contractors. We do understand the demands of industry and realize that there is an open market for helping people get into the IR business from a related business. Our HomeInspectIR™ program is not meant to be exhaustive, but instead a great introduction for someone who is interested in this field or interested in adding infrared to their existing business. We will help them a) under-stand the basics, b) learn some things about the technology and its uses that they did not know, c) test out the different imagers in an unbiased setting, and d) ask questions from true experts in the field of thermography. This allows them to make informed decisions instead of jumping into something they do not understand.

Interested in adding thermal imaging to your business or putting the camera you purchased to work? Join us at one of our upcoming classes and learn the basics you need know. Watch the video below to learn more.

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