The HomeInspectIR Training Course Now Available Online!

We’re excited to announce the launch of The HomeInspectIR™ Online Training application!
Over 300 students have completed the live The Home InspectIR™ class with a 95% satisfaction rate! To review the course, watch the video below.


“Very good information. I will be able to use info to generate money. I’m interested in THI coming to our local home inspection chapter or conference.” – G. Welch
“Very knowledgeable instructor–easily understood. Great class.” – J. Esposito
“A lot of good information was provided.” – R. Haynes
“I learned some thing beyond the thermal imaging information that will be helpful during a standard inspection.” – J Dainty
“Class made me excited to further my IR knowledge.” – B. Mathews
Register here for The HomeInspectIR Online Training course. If you’re having trouble accessing the link, please go to, go to the Online Training category on the left, proceed to page 3 and select “The HomeInspectIR” product.
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